Arthur Barron Discography


Arthur Barron, The Labyrinth (Dragon Rose) 2021
Arthur Barron, Dave Liebman & Abel Pabon The Miami Jazz Project  (ZOHO Music) 2014
Arthur Barron Late Nite Time  (Dragon Rose) 2006
Arthur Barron and Hilton Ruiz From The Archives  (Dragon Rose) 2006
Afro Blue Band Impressions  (Milestone) 1995
Arthur Barron Soul Messenger  (Dragon Rose) 1994
Arthur Barron and Hilton Ruiz Footprints  (Dragon Rose) 1994
Arthur Barron Essence of Expression  (unreleased) 1993
Arthur Barron It's Strange  (Dragon Rose) 1992
Arthur Barron Lost in the Shuffle (unreleased) 1987
Arthur Barron Grove Speed (Magic Music)  1983
Alfonia Tims and His Flying Tigers Future Funk/Uncut  (Reachout International) 1982
Arthur Barron Night People (Jossandra) 1980
Arthur Barron Hasnamuss (unreleased) 1979

AS COMPOSER/ARRANGER: (compositions listed with album titles)

The Labyrinth  The Labyrinth
Errol's Pond  The Labyrinth
Isabella  The Labyrinth
Savia  The Labyrinth
Last Night In Figueres  The Labyrinth

Dali  The Labyrinth
It's Strange  Footprints
Jinnistan  The Miami Jazz Project
Late Nite Time  Late Nite Time
Latin Jazz Dance Afro Blue Band Impressions
Little Brother  Late Nite Time
Lordy Lourdes  The Miami Jazz Project 
Love Song For The Crazy's  Lost in the Shuffle
Mr. Q  The Miami Jazz Project
Mr. Q's Day of Judgment  Footprints
Night Shades  Soul Messenger
Promise To Char  Soul Messenger
Return To Napanoch  Soul Messenger
Song For Dreaming  Soul Messenger
Soul Messenger  Soul Messenger
Tu Amor Neri  The Miami Jazz Project
The Kiss  Soul Messenger
The Phantom  Afro Blue Band Impressions
The Rose  Soul Messenger
Tonesville  Afro Blue Band Impressions

AS EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/PRODUCER/CO-PRODUCER:(listed with artist name & album title)

Arthur Barron  The Labyrinth  (Dragon Rose)
Arthur Barron  The Miami Jazz Project  (ZoHo Music)
Arthur Barron  Late Nite Time  (Dragon Rose)
Arthur Barron and Hilton Ruiz  From The Archives  (Dragon Rose)
Afro Blue Band  Impressions  (Milestone)
Arthur Barron and Hilton Ruiz  Footprints  (Dragon Rose)
Arthur Barron  Soul Messenger  (Dragon Rose)
David Liebman   Light'n Up Please  (A&M/Horizon)
George Adams  Paradise Space Shuttle  (Timeless)
Arthur Barron  Groove Speed  (Magic Music)
Arthur Barron  It's Strange (Dragon Rose)
Arthur Barron  Night People (Jossandra)